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At Cole’s Tree Service, our skilled and certified arborists in Oklahoma City, OK, provide superior tree services throughout Norman, Moore, and surrounding areas. We offer 24/7 emergency tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, planting, disease control, and more. Our commitment to safety, top-tier equipment, and exceptional customer service ensures your complete satisfaction.


Our history is rich with knowledge and understanding of customers’ needs. ​Mr. John E. Cole started Cole’s Tree Service in 1965. His daughter, Annette, worked beside him as a young girl, learning everything he knew. Rounding out her studies in horticulture at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City, OK., Annette became a professional arborist. Cole’s Tree Service became her business. While in seventh grade, Annette Cole’s eventual husband, Doyle Tipton, did the heavy lifting for her dad. The couple grew up in the tree business, and it showed. In 2007, Coby Wright learned under Doyle and Annette and has worked with them on and off since 2007. Both Doyle and Annette have recently passed away, and Coby continues to drive the legacy of Cole’s Tree Service. He carries on today with the high level of excellence, hard work, and safety instilled in him by Doyle and Annette.

People tend to think of using a tree service after storm damage has occurred and there is a mess to clean up. Arborists do much more. We keep trees healthy and help to keep them from breaking and falling. We prune, spray, feed, and rinse them so they grow correctly and beautifully to last a lifetime and for generations. Our crews come to us with skills; Coby trains each, and the crew here is the best in the business. Our services are performed using sound equipment, standard safety practices, and a high level of excellence.

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